About Us

Who we are

We are a group of Architects, Designers and Engineers based in Coimbatore and have been involved in Architectural Design, Research and Academics.


Established in 1990, Karthigeeta and Associates is a multidisciplinary firm that deals with Master Planning, Architecture, Interior Design, and Engineering. Our team has work experiences in India and France. Our work associations extend to South Korea, France and the UK. 

With 27 years of experience, at KGA, having had the privilege of handling a range of projects, we believe that each project is of a specific nature of its own parameters demanding a particular character, unique to its own geographic location, its site. We have currently our work spanning across the southern peninsular belt of India.

We also believe it is essential to revisit and understand our traditional values, its use of natural, local materials and explore the leanings in our practice of the Contemporary times. Our practice emphases on sustainable practices, and progressive with advancements in technology and backed by traditional knowledge for contextual and sensitive responses. Living in a fast-paced world it is essential to evolve our practice with the growing new technologies - its new materials, its expression.

We derive our nourishment of creativity with our keen interest to constantly interact, explore the practice of Architecture not as an isolated profession but as a part of the built environment as a whole - a part of Urban Design, Master planning at a large scales to consciously build for a better tomorrow.

Currently, the studio is pursuing a range of institutional- Educational and Administrative Headquarters, Commercial - Factories, Workshops, Commercial complexes, Residential - bungalows and apartment complexes across Tamil Nadu its bordering areas.


Our Studio:

The studio operates under two Principal Consultants– Ar. Karthikeyan and Ar. Geetha Rani, along with a team of young and enthusiastic architects, engineers and interior designers – A full-fledged team from designers to supervisory personnel. We have been privileged to have a mixed team from experienced veterans to our young partner with fresh grounds - to explore with enthusiasm and build.



Architects, Interior Designers and Engineers

Ar. Karthikeyan. M.Arch. AIIA, FIV, AID.

Started own practice in 1989.


Architects, Interior Designers and Engineers

Ar. Geetha Rani. M.Sc(REV), B.Arch. AIIA, FIV, AID.

In 1990, along with Ar.Geetha Rani, jointly founded Karthigeeta and Associates.


Architects, Interior Designers and Engineers